Getting Your Sheep and Goats to the Butcher or Market

One of the challenges for the homesteader with a small flock of sheep or goats is how to get the animals to market or to the butcher. The challenge is that it is not worth purchasing a stock trailer to transport just a few sheep or goats a year.

Goat Cage
This huge Midwest Solutions Dog Crate can be used in the back of your pickup to transport sheep or goats to market

You can borrow one from a friend but the day will come when they get tired of you borrowing their trailer. What I have found is that a great solution is to purchase a large dog cage for the back of your pickup (Get the one I bought HERE). The cage fits in the back of a small pickup, has room for two to three lambs, and is sturdy enough to contain the animals.

I have found that for lambs up to 100 pounds, I can load them into the cage by myself.

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